Financial Aid

Financial Aid

NPCollege participates in the U.S. Department of Education’s Title IV Financial Aid Programs. Applicants may qualify for tuition and other financial assistance through various public and private training or retraining agencies. These agencies include: the Veterans Administration; California Department of Rehabilitation; private rehabilitation agencies and insurance companies; the GAIN program; the State Employment Development Department (EDD); and Workforce Investment Act programs. All public and private agencies have certain requirements for eligibility.

For information or for resolution of specific payment problems, the veteran should call the Department of Veteran’s Affair nationwide toll free number at 1-800-827-1000.

What is Financial Aid?

There are a few ways you can obtain financial assistance which can greatly impact out of pocket costs. Some of the assistance you may be eligible for can consist of:




How to complete a FAFSA form for college?

It may seem a bit daunting and complex to start your FAFSA application, but honestly, it is very simple to do if you have the necessary documents in front of you when starting the application.

If you are over the age of 24 OR have dependent children OR legally married OR emancipated child, you will need:

1. Social Security Number.
2. Last two years tax returns.
3. If resident, have your Alien Registation number  "A-number."
4. National Polytechnic College FAFSA school code: 039104

If you are under the age of 24, you may be considered a dependent child. In this case, you will need:

1. Social Security number for you and your parent.
2. Last two years tax returns for you and your parent.
3. If either parent or you are residents, have the Alient Registration number "A-number" for you and/or your parent.
4. National Polytechnic College FAFSA school code: 039104

This video will help you better understand how to complete your FAFSA application. If you feel you may still need assistance, don't worry, you can still contact NPCollege's Financial Aid office to help you with the process of completing your FAFSA application. 

You will need to click on "Create an FSA ID"




Private Loans

If you do not qualify to apply for government-backed Financial aid grants, Subsidised or Unsubsidised loans, you may still submit an applicaiton for private lending. This is different from Financial Aid loans since eligibility for private loans is generally based on credit. However, NPCollege loans offered through Mertize® are also based on your previous academic or military achievements to enhance your credit evaluation.

Private Loan FAQ's 

Can I apply for a private loan even if I am eligible for FAFSA?

Technically, yes. Applying for a private loan is usefull when you have qualified for grants and/or government-backed Financial Aid, but eligible funding may not have covered the entire tuition amount because of information you submitted regarding income and other factors. In this case, you can apply for a loan to cover the GAP between eligible FAFSA aid and the total cost of your program. 

Can I apply for a private loan if I am NOT eligible to apply for FAFSA?

YES. This would be a good scenario where a private loan can offer similar benefits of subsidised or unsubsidised loans to pay for tuition over an extended period of time if you qualify. 

What are the requirements to apply for a private loan through Meritize®?

You need to be at least 18 years of age at the time of submitting an application. You will also need:

1. Your current OR future physical address in the State of California.

2. Social Security OR ITIN number.

3. Employer and income information (if employed)

Will I be able to apply if I have poor OR no credit?

Yes. As you long as you meet the application requirements, you can apply. Though eligibility is based on credit rating, a Meritize private loan looks beyond your credit rating and looks at your previous academic and military merits to provide better loan terms and offers. 

Will it affect my credit to find out if I qualify?

NO. For purposes of simply finding out about eligibility or loan offers, no hard credit inquiry is made and will not affect your credit. If you do accept to take the loan, then a full credit inquiry will show on your credit report. 

How can I apply for a private loan for my field of study?

If you are eligibile to apply for FAFSA, we highly recommend you meet with our Financial Aid Office FIRST, before submitting a private loan application. It is also important to know the amount of funding you will need to submit your request for funding.

Step 1: Meet with the Finanancial Aid office to request an estimate of tuition and eligibility estimate

Step 2: If private funding is needed, you may submit an application. See our Finance Office for assistance.


If you need additional assistance with your application, please visit our campus office for more detailed information on your eligibility.