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GED Tutoring and Preparation

MBC-Education is dedicated to supporting educational organizations, members of our community, and our students by offering educational programs to partner in our community’s success; a truly unique program that offers GED and Computer tutoring services in new and exciting ways. MBC-Education is not just focused on helping our students to achieve good test scores with mundane memorization methods and needless drills. Our goal is to make out of every student and live learner helping them to realize their untapped potential by using positive reinforcement and learning techniques. MBC-Education’s GED Program at NPCollege in Commerce offers the unique opportunity for students to pass the GED Exam and continue with their academic and/or professional goals. 

Having a GED diploma opens doors for better employment opportunities, helping our children with homework, pursuing higher educational goals, getting salary raises, and/or feeling better about your education accomplishments. 

Changes in education laws now require that students possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, the GED, in order to qualify for financial aid to continue their education. This document is also necessary to begin a profession as a Massage Therapist, Ultrasound, MRI Technologist, Medical and Dental Assistants, Hemodialysis, Phlebotomy, other related health professions and more importantly, to obtain better employment opportunities. In general, a GED makes a big difference in the life of people who are searching for a better future.

For GED details please call NPCollege admissions at (323) 728-9636. You may also text MBC-Education at (323) 728-9636 and follow them on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MBCEducationOrg for news and upcoming class schedule information.




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