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English as a Second Language (ESL)

National Polytechnic College ESL Program Mission:

Our mission is to provide our students with challenging and valuable opportunities to learn and enhance their linguistic and cultural knowledge. We believe that the study of a second language fosters understanding of the intellectual, artistic and cultural heritage of other cultures and nations. The ability to be multilingual and understand different cultures offers one endless opportunities. As technology continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to acquire the skills to communicate effectively in today’s global community. Learning a language in the country of its origin enhances every aspect of the learning experience.

The aim of National Polytechnic College’s English-As-A-Second-Language Program is to enable non-native English learners to develop and synthesize the core English language proficiency skills necessary for success in school or business.

The integrated five-level ESL curriculum includes courses in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each level consists of two courses taught by the same instructor that results in a type of community learning. Our English-As-A-Second-Language courses are integrated into each level to facilitate student learning.

Upon successful completion of the 5 level ESL course sequence, the student will:

♦ Display academic values and readiness for regular coursework at a college/university

♦ Demonstrate ability to comprehend, interpret and apply spoken and written forms of communication

♦ Read with comprehension of both content and organization

♦ Apply a range of language structures to interact effectively in interpersonal and academic situations

♦ Speak with sufficient accuracy and fluency to report information and express and develop opinions

♦ Write about a variety of topics with level-appropriate correctness, clarity and detail



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International Students

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