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Campus and Facility

Campus and Facility

NPCollege is housed in a modern, air-conditioned, facility at the corner of South Street and Lakewood Blvd, in the City of Lakewood. There are five separate classrooms for theory and practical work, a student study area, break room and ample student parking.


Main Campus
4105 South Street
Lakewood, CA 90712
Tel. (888) 243-2493
Fax (888) 640-7732
Email: npc@npcollege.edu

The medical classes have individual lab areas and exam rooms. Facilities also include a reception area, admissions and administrative staff offices. The facilities also include restrooms and a lunch area for student use.

The facilities provide a pleasant, efficient atmosphere for adult education and training. Classroom and practical equipment is state of the art, as found in private industry. The typical classroom/lab area holds a maximum of 25 students. Free parking is provided for our students while attending NPC. NPC’s facilities and equipment comply with all local, state and federal safety and health rules and regulations.

Our staff and faculty are friendly, caring, and highly experienced. Our staff and faculty will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to make the best career decision for you. In addition, our staff and faculty is knowledgeable on outside resources that can help you through your educational experience at NPC.

Main Campus

Satellite Campus
2740 California Street
Torrance, CA 90503
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